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About EDUC

EDUC Intercultural provides a Montessori education for children with Japanese
heritage or an interest in  Japanese culture and language. Our school provides
an opportunity to experience a unique Montessori education through Japanese
immersion classes. We take a holistic approach that enables children to realise
their full potential and contribute meaningfully in their immediate society and
potentially in the broader world.

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori, to help develop all aspects of the child. Central to this philosophy is creating an environment that nurtures the child’s inner self to foster a love of learning; care for others; and the broader environment around them.


Children with Japanese heritage growing up in Australia have an opportunity to contribute meaningfully in the future to the international community. To achieve this it is very important to have an education that supports their holistic development from a young age. Setting the foundation for children to develop a positive self-identity; confidence and a love of learning at a young age is critical in helping children realise their full potential and to open up future international possibilities.

Intercultural sharing and learning are widely recognized as becoming increasingly
important. This year, students from our school will have the opportunity to meet
and learn alongside students from Maria Montessori Elementary School in Japan.
We have close relationships with teachers from this school and some of their
students are keen to join us in Australia as exchange students. This will provide a
valuable intercultural opportunity to share and learn together.
Opportunities also exist for our students to live in Japan and go to a Japanese school as an exchange student. Alongside other Japanese students, children will learn firsthand about Japanese culture and traditions and improve their language skills.

We believe that our education will help our students to take advantage of
opportunities that arise from having a well-rounded education and knowledge of
the broader world.

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