Chapel Hill Montessori Kodomonoie

Application guidelines

Application for 2022

We are now accepting students as it's shown below.

We will consider any requests made for the class schedule.


Book for a visit or a free trial class through our website's contact page, email or phone.


Early application discount

30% discount on the enrolment fee will be applied If you apply within a week after your first visit or trial. 

*Contact us for more details on application and the application form.

Preschool Class (3-5 years)    Mon. Thu. Fri.
     Drop off time  9:15-9:45
     Pick up time    13:45

*We prepare the morning tea.

  Children will need to bring their own lunch.

Preschool Class (2 years)    Wed & Other days
     Drop off time  9:15-9:45
     Pick up time   11:45

*We prepare the morning tea.

Primary school Class (Prep to primary) 
     Saturday  Class                        13:00-16:00
     After school Class (Weekdays)  13:30-17:45
     Private Lesson  (Weekdays)   16:00-17:15

*We prepare afternoon tea. Free to bring your own.

* During the school holidays in Queensland, classes will be closed year-round.

* All rates include GST.
* Siblings enrolled at the same time will receive a 5% discount on each one's tuition fees, and the registration fee will be reduced from the second person to half.
* The number of applicants is around 10 people each day. Please note that the number of people, date and time may be changed depending on circumstances.
* We have a nut free policy. Please avoid nuts when bringing lunch.
For other allergies, we will ask you in advance and respond individually.