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Japanese language education


I am sure that many of you are facing the fact that a great deal of effort is required by both parents and children in order for Japanese children raised outside of Japan to continue learning Japanese. It is necessary to become familiar with and continue to learn abstract and conceptual language, not just at the level of daily conversation. I hear that learning Japanese at a local school has become smoother as a result of deepening their study of the language.

And that kind of Japanese language learning will help your child grow as a person.It also plays a major role in the establishment of identity.

In early childhood and school age, when children are sensitive to language, they will receive appropriate stimuli according to their growth stage and in a way that suits their individuality, and it will continue throughout their lives. It is very important in building a foundation for learning and in character formation.

In our classroom, based on the educational policy of aiming for long-term, holistic growth, which is the fundamental philosophy of Montessori education, we will deepen Japanese language learning while valuing nurturing the desire to learn itself.childWhile supporting them to think and act independently in various aspects,your friendsrespect and enhance each otherWe value an environment that encourages learning. And from an early age, they learn together in a fun way, naturally acquiring correct Japanese. We aim to foster self-confidence and a desire to learn further by giving presentations in front of everyone from time to time and holding meetings with elementary school students to deepen mutual communication and proactively work in Japanese. increase. In addition, while familiarizing themselves with traditional Japanese culture and deepening their interest in the Japanese language, they will steadily learn correct reading and writing, appropriate sentence expression, and sentence structure without difficulty.

Children who grow up with Japanese parents here in Australia are able to use correct Japanese, know and become familiar with Japanese culture, and have a futureThere is no doubt that there are high expectations both domestically and internationally for being active on the international stage. Each and every child who spends their early childhood and school years here now has the qualities to become a bridge between Japan and the world for the next generation and contribute to world peace. We value the time that will serve as the foundation so that the child can use Japanese freely and spread their wings in their own chosen place in the future, and above all, so that the child can live happily every day. I sincerely hope that I can help you spend your time in Japan.

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