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Nice to meet you all.

Montessori education has been gaining more and more attention in recent years both in Japan and here in Australia, and more and more parents want their children to receive Montessori education. In the background, it seems that the world's pioneers and leaders have also received the education.


This holistic education is very profound, and when I studied in Japan and Europe, I was deeply moved by the education that believes in the inner strength of each child. Seeking the essence of it, I have learned a lot from my practice at a Montessori kindergarten in Japan, my own child-rearing, and from my daily life with the children here in Brisbane.


Childhood is the most important period for the development of a child's lifelong personality, and we want to support the children growing up here in Australia to live happy and confident lives full of the desire to absorb and grow on their own. I sincerely hope that you will be able to do so. In March 2018, I opened this children's house with the hope that in the future I would like you to spread your wings in the wide world that you have chosen.


I look forward to working together with parents and guardians to watch over the development and growth of the amazing powers hidden within the children, and to be able to help them on a daily basis.

Kaori Kishi

Profile of Kaori Kishi (Founder/Management)♦

Graduated from Ehime University Faculty of Education. Study kindergarten and elementary school education, pedagogy, educational psychology, music education, etc. Kindergarten teacher and elementary school teacher license acquired. In addition, while in school, visit and study Montessori schools in various parts of Japan and use them as graduation research.


After graduating, she studied at the International Montessori College in Dublin, Ireland for two years full-time and obtained an AMI (International Montessori Association) Diploma. Gained a lot of observation and practical experience at several local Montessori schools.


After returning to Japan, worked at Setagaya Seibo Kindergarten in Tokyo, where Montessori education has been fully adopted since ancient times.

After marriage, while raising children, I was involved in Montessori education at Dogo Seibo Kindergarten in Ehime, and childcare for 0-2 year olds at the childcare facility Mummy's Family. At the same time, he launched and operated a child-rearing circle, “Picture Book Club”.


After that, after working as a secretary in the management planning office of a department store, she returned to Tokyo with her family and returned to work at Setagaya Seibo Kindergarten. Worked until March 2017.


Outside of work, she enjoys singing in chorus and playing musical instruments with her family, mainly Renaissance Baroque, since her two daughters were young. In Ehime and Tokyo, she launched "Church Music Ensemble Yubirate" with her husband, and performs various concerts. She now enjoys baroque choirs with her daughters at the Bach Society of Queensland.


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