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Educational Policy

At Chapel Hill Montessori Kodomonoie (Children's House) we provide children with an interest in the Japanese culture and language and the opportunity to foster their holistic development. In Japanese immersion classes based on the Montessori philosophy, we assist children in building the following elements:

The ability to learn and develop themselves
Children are born with great inner powers to learn and develop themselves. We respect these powers and prepare appropriate environments where children can freely develop their inner selves. We provide the necessary support to build a foundation that fosters self-motivation and self-discipline and for each child to be responsible for themselves and their actions.

Cooperation with others and a sense of community
Children who are satisfied with their own learning and development will naturally show respect and support to their friends. We foster a mutual learning environment that promotes the child’s abilities to collaborate, listen effectively, think carefully, create new things and show respect for one another.

Contribution to a diverse world
We support children to learn about the wonders of the world and its diverse cultures. We foster children’s curiosity and pleasure in learning new things and
nurture their ability to actively look at the world around them, express themselves clearly and actively participate in discussions and activities about their immediate environment and the world.

Happy children
Self-confidence and self-esteem are essential for children to be happy and to realize their full potential. We help children cultivate a rich sense of self and an appreciation of the people and the environment that supports them.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your child in becoming a confident, happy, caring and responsible adult.

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