Montessori Preschool Tutoring Class

         (3-5 years)    Mon. Thu. Fri.     (9:15 - 13:45)

       (2 years)       Wed + other days     (9:15 - 11:45)

The class is fully based on Montessori educational philosophy. Children experience Japanese culture and traditions including reading and writing , craft work, art and music, through Japanese immersion classes.

After School, Saturday Tutoring Class

(Prep to Primary School)   

      Sat  (13:00 - 16:00)

      Private Lessons  (Weekdays 16:00 - 17:15)

Learning program based on Montessori Philosophy, in Japanese immersion class. Depending on individual learning stage, we foster children’s curiosity and pleasure for learning new things, from the basics of Japanese language to exploratory studies and presentations.  

School Holiday Class

      (Preschool, Prep and Primary School)

In the preschool class, we provide activities in Montessori environment, including crafts of Japanese culture, playing outside and group activities. Primary school students perform exploratory learning in individuals or small groups. They choose their own topics to research to complete in a certain period and share them with other students. 

International Exchange Class


International exchanging class, having students from Japanese Montessori School and other schools in Japan.

Promote intercultural understanding and mutual learning, through various group activities.

Japanese Library

Collection of Japanese children's books, picture books, books about parenting and education. 

Books are free to borrow throughout the year for everyone who are willing to be familiar with Japanese books.