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Holiday classroom information

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June-July 2021 School Holiday Class Notice 

How are you all doing this term? Next time we will inform you of the school holiday classroom from the end of June. We would be happy if you could gather with friends unique to the holiday classroom and spend a memorable and fulfilling time while learning from each other. First-timers are also welcome.

2-5 year old class


-11:45 (Mainly for 2-year-olds and those who do not wish to have lunch)

-14:00 (If you wish to bring your own lunch)


3-6 year old class

9:15-9:45 Arrive - 14:00 (Bring lunch)


Main contents

Activities with Montessori teaching materials, Japanese seasonal crafts,

Activities including reading and writing Japanese, group activities (Japanese songs, picture book reading, presentations, group activities using Montessori tools, etc.), morning tea (prepare, clean up, clean), outdoor play, picnic depending on the weather, etc. , nature walks, etc.

Prep - 3rd Grade Class

9:15~9:30 Go to school - 14:30 (Bring lunch)


2nd to 5th grade class

9:15-9:30 school - 14:30 (Bring lunch)

*Elementary school class ends at 14:30.


Main contents

Activities using Montessori materials, seasonal crafts, group learning according to themes, exchange of opinions, etc., morning tea (prepare, clean up, and clean up together), picnics depending on the weather, nature walks, review and presentation of the day's activities , entry in the record sheet, etc.

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Morning tea will be provided in each class.

Lunch box for 2-5 year olds class except those who want only in the morningPlease bring your own.

For applications and inquiriesInquiry formOr you can contact us by email below.

Classroom Location: 276 Chapel Hill Road, Chapel Hill, QLD 4069

Phone:  07 3736 1992


Application deadline: June 12Sun (Sat)

Please see this PDF for the application guide and participation fee.
Further details and registration forms will be sent separately.Click herePlease contact us.
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